22 Places to Beat Fast Fashion on Trend // BY: NATASHA LEWIS

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Brands you can shop guilt-free during the holidays or just for kicks!

I am someone that understands the thrill of buying insanely cute clothes for ridiculously cheap prices. The excitement you feel at check out when you think “I can get ALL that for only 50 bucks!!!” – it’s like you are doing your aunt proud. I am guilty of shopping at most places that add to the production of fast fashion. Honestly, getting a trendy sweater for under $30 sounds pretty amazing, however, is having an extra sweater in your closet worth harming the planet? I am suggesting that instead of buying 20 things at Pretty Little Thing, we can buy one or two items from a sustainable clothing line or vintage store. These stores supply clothes that last longer, are ethically manufactured, and help save the planet. I understand as students or newly employed women, we thrive on cheap clothes that look just as cute as expensive items. Some of us need to shop inexpensively because we just can’t afford higher quality clothes. I’m not saying to completely drop your love for Urban Outfitters or H&M to shop vintage, I am saying that we should start thinking about slowly transitioning to a sustainable future. Let’s change our shopping habits to buying quality over quantity with these incredible brands. I have hand-picked several sustainable clothing brands and vintage stores that can all be shopped online. The first list is a series of clothing brands that epitomize fast fashion. Some brands may seem sustainable, but they are NOT. I was very surprised to see Free People and Anthropologie as fast fashion brands. We are the future, so let’s gain some awareness and start this change together.


Fast Fashion Brands to Avoid



Victoria’s Secret



Fashion Nova

Forever 21

Pretty Little Thing



Urban outfitters





Nasty Gal



Free people

Brandy Melville

American Eagle




Sustainable clothing brands to shop


(1) Ends In Astrid (00-12) ($-$$$)


I would absolutely recommend this brand. Shout out to my friend Astrid who just created this sustainable line. She is killing the game. Check out her new lounge wear release -- it's dope!


(2) Pangaia (XXS-XL) ($$-$$$)


If you are willing to spend a little more for the perfect matching set, this is your place. The material is great and the colour selection is really cute.


(3) Patagonia (sizing XXS-XXL) ($$ prices)


Great fleece selection. Super comfortable and great to cozy up for the winter.


(4) Tradlands (XXS-XXXL) ($$-$$$)


I would recommend for sweaters and accessories.


(5) Kotn (XS-XXL) ($)


Very cute basics. Great for layering in the winter months.


(6) Reformation (XXS-3X) ($$$)


HIGHLY recommend. I honestly think this is one of my new favs. All their clothes are super trendy and cute. I just picked up a dress from here and I will let you guys know how I like it when it comes in. Stay tuned on Instagram.


(7) Levi’s (XXS-XXL) ($-$$)


I would recommend for tall people. All the jeans I have from Levi’s fit perfectly in length and I am over 5’10”. The jeans are also great quality. I’ve had my jeans for years.


(8) LACAUSA (XS-XL) ($$-$$$)


I would recommend this brand for loungewear. Their sets are adorable.


(9) Whimsy and Row (XS-L) ($$-$$$)


HIGHLY recommend. I’m almost sad that I just found out about this place. They have some really nice dresses.


(10) Uncle Studios (XS-XL) ($-$$$)


I highly recommend. It seems like the clothes are super high quality.


Online Vintage Clothing Stores


(11) Frankie Collective


This is linked on the Fas In Frank Vintage website. I would recommend for cool graphics.


(12) DugOutVintageLDN


Great online selection.


(13) Na Nin Vintage


Very cute hand-picked pieces. Most of their pieces are gorgeous.


(14) ASOS Marketplace


Trendy pieces and great selection.





(15) Courtyard L.A.


I would recommend for their hand-picked pieces. They don’t have much selection.


(16) The Vintage Twin


I love this store. They have great clothes. However, it is expensive for vintage. It could be worth it for one-of-a-kind pieces.


(17) Goodshop Badshop



Absolutely love. I would recommend looking frequently because there isn’t much selection.


(18) bbconsignment


I would definitely recommend. My friend Bridget started this account and she has great taste. So far, she has picked pieces that are extremely cute. She is definitely worth following.


(19) NxcvintageShop


Really unique pieces. I would recommend for those looking to make bold statements with their clothes. Some of their jackets are sick!


(20) streetcvlture


They have really nice retro jackets.


(21) Withusvintage


Very trendy. Some extremely cute pieces!!!


(22) Tanis Vintage Clothing


Again, very on trend. If you are looking for a Harley Davidson or Tommy Hilfiger sweater in the perfect colour – this is your place.


And that's all folks!!!


Stay tuned for my post next Monday. I will be writing an opinion piece on fast fashion!




Yours Truly -- Natasha